My Work


"The theme of much of my new work — if I had to describe it in a single word — is, isolation. I am using different landscapes as a context to further the feeling of isolation, much as civilization encroaching on the Natural World becomes more removed from it.

From this step personifies the feeling of being in a 'natural' environment and yet unable to touch it, feel it, smell it. "Outside" of this picture, a piece of Nature is encapsulated, unable to be touched, felt or smelled. It also represents the way I feel sometimes when I work in my studio late at night.

The theme of God shows up in my work during moments of inspiration that come to me totally out of the blue. I had no title for this work for a long time. And I may have to change it again ( I'm thinking, God's Place ) like the cliche " a woman's place is in the kitchen," God's Place is in a shoe shop ( you know, repairing soles. )

Living in the Bible Belt allows me an outlet to make light of a subject that so many people take SO seriously. Seriously enough to kill each other over and wall each other off from. Looking Homeward shows a stuffed bird contemplating squeezing through one of the openings in to order to get to a landscape beyond.

am hoping you think about where this bird "is" if he is not in a landscape. Perhaps it's me in my studio again. With my thoughts on the works I have mentioned I  will now allow you think about the meaning of the remainder."